writerIf you’re a small business owner, you’re  busy wearing all the hats. “Writer” shouldn’t be one of them. Instead, consider hiring a writing contractor for your business writing needs.

While AI-based writing tools are gaining ground for non-writers, they can’t match the natural readability and flow that a professional content writer can produce.

  1. When you hire a professional content writer, they’re efficient  can finish writing-related tasks in less time. It’s what they do for a living, so they have it down pat.
  2. Professional content writers can create all  your written assets: social media captions, long-form blog posts, white papers, website copy, and email newsletter copy.
  3. A content writer can accurately capture the voice and tone of your business, which will help in attracting your ideal client.
  4. A content writer can leverage their SEO skills in making all of your written assets more searchable in Google.
  5. Grammar, flow, and style are the cornerstone of a  content writer’s skill set. Content writers also excel and editing and proofreading, so all of your written content will be perfect.

Next, here is what to look for when hiring a content writer:

  1.   An understanding of your writing goals, and a writing style that is compatible with the voice and tone of your business. A good content writer is well-versed in capturing the voice of nearly any business.
  2. A strong command of your native language’s grammar, sentence structure, spelling and idioms
  3. A natural writing style that isn’t too formal or silted when read out loud, especially for social media copy
  4. Excellent proofreading skills that go beyond automated grammar and spell check tools.
  5. The ability to meet deadlines
  6. The ability to listen carefully to your needs and preferences when creating written assets for your business.

The great news is we can take the headaches out of finding a writing pro for your business. We have content writers on staff who are experienced, versatile and who have excellent editing and proofreading skills. They will make your copy shine online.

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