blog postIf you love all forms of writing, then you probably have written a blog post at some point in time. When you begin to blog you need to learn all of the ropes and find your voice. Especially, if it’s a controversial subject matter that you want to express to your readers…

So, here are some tips on how to write a controversial blog post and not regret it the very next day…

1. Wait: If something makes you truly mad, then it’s probably best not to blog about it immediately. Give yourself time to cool off, gather your facts and come up with something constructive.
2. Be Specific: Instead of making generalizations about individual people or groups with whom you disagree with, cite specific quotes or events that will generate discussion on the blog.
3. Be Kind: Never ever attack someone personally because you disagree with their position. Just stick with the main issues at hand.
4. Let Someone Else Read the Post: Find someone who is wise, humble and will help you to manage your tone, plus point out any potentially problematic sentences, phrases or words.
5. Don’t Feed Negativity: Only engage with readers who contribute to the conversation by offering encouragement, constructive criticism and interesting ideas.
6. Own It: Once you’ve done everything you can to make your post fair, factual and civil, then speak up for what you believe even if it’s controversial.

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