Competition is quite normal to have in any type of business. If it didn’t exist it would actually be very odd, but the fact of the matter is we can actually learn from it. Think about studying and analytics for a moment. When you’re analyzing things, you not only gain knowledge, but you can begin to improve things as well.

Now, marketing is key in order for any business to succeed and grow to the next level. Just think about social media marketing and how analytics plays an extremely important role in it all. Whether you are talking about Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn they all have some form of insights. Think about how many people look at your profile every single day, and how many people engage within your posts. 

Then, look at other peoples profiles and pages that are in your current industry. What do their engagements look like from their particular audience, how many connections have they made, how often do they post during the week, do they do live or prerecorded videos, and so on… 

It is very important to remember to keep track of all your research as you’re reviewing the numbers online. This will help you improve your business and you will make great marketing strives by implementing what you have learned. You might just need to make some simple changes yourself like making out a daily posting schedule.

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