software Does your company offer a product or a service? Depending on your type of business, think about what software you will need, in order to make everything function effectively and efficiently. There are many aspects to consider when making these decisions such as finances, marketing, website development, project management, and much much more…

Finances: You need to be able to send invoices to your clients, along with accepting different forms of payment methods like PayPal, credit cards, gift cards, etc. (Plus, you want to keep track of your monthly income.)

Marketing: You need to hit your target market by posting to various social media platforms, sending email marketing campaigns on a weekly basis with clear images and videos, blogging at least once a week with informative information, and making sure that your search engine optimization (SEO) is good to go for the first page!

Website development: Whether you want a website builder or a content management system, you will need to build from scratch. This is the face of your company and it needs to be visually appealing to visitors to attract potential clients.

Project management: No matter what the project is for your company you need to initiate, plan, execute, control, and close the work of an entire team. This helps to achieve your goals and criteria for future success.

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