coaches You might be wondering what type of coach is best for you and your business. How do you want things to flow and be structured? 

There are a few different types to consider… 


​Coaches who are innovators have a system already set up that they want to use. They are usually experts in helping businesses just like yours move forward. They already know exactly what you need to do to get where you want to go because they’ve worked with your business type and industry, and they’ve worked out all the kinks. They’ll want you to do as you’re told, without much compromise. Nothing is wrong with that, as long as you have the right personality to trust your coach to lead you to the place you want to be. 


Some coaches are teachers at heart and love to teach you how to run your business efficiently and solve the problems you have identified. They may want to try different methods throughout the coaching process which gives you a chance to choose your direction more than some of the other coaching methods. A trainer is going to teach you how to be successful, taking into consideration your own skill level.


​This is often considered the cheerleader of the business coaching profession. This type of coach can be a good match with someone who is self-motivated and already has a good idea of what they want to do (and even how to do it), but needs someone to push them forward and tell them they can do it, and should do it.


​Some coaches like to feel out their clients, and based on the client’s goals they’ll experiment with different ways to reach the goal based on the personality of the client rather than their own personality. This can work well for people who are sometimes self-motivated, but other times need someone to be more authoritative once a decision has been made about how something will work.

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