menNow, everyone knows women absolutely love to shop! However, men are generally pretty easygoing and aren’t nearly as particular. Men have different trends… Male shopping behavior includes briefly looking at deals and having long-term loyalty, rather than go for the instant discount. 

Now, generally they shop alone, seldom compare prices, and don’t care if the item is on sale. Men are less likely to hunt for bargains or use coupons. Men really don’t care about color either. Perhaps they sometimes compare quality, but usually only when it involves tools. 

So, with all this in mind think generational shopping. Things might change that are purchased such as watches to smartphones, but the advertising for men is based on showing inventory in the best light. 

Don’t be cliche, cute, or use the same advertisement over and over again. Some of the stereotypes when it comes to men are out of date. Basically, make things simple and direct if you want to get their attention. It is impossible to create one single ad creative that can communicate effectively to all men as there are different age groups, income levels, educational backgrounds, and cultures. Focus your campaign on one or two features or benefits to maximize the impact. While men will shop around a website, getting their attention should be more along the lines of highlighting a particular product instead of just showing how many you offer. 

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