WebsiteYour website is very often the first business asset your prospective clients will see when shopping for a product or service within your industry. What does your website say about your business? What will compel clients to reach out to you vs. your competitors? Here are some simple DIY fixes for a tired, outdated website.

Yes, Looks Do Matter

Much like interior decorating and graphic design, websites also cycle through aesthetic trends (remember those html sites with “blinkies?). Since your website is your digital storefront, it needs to be as current and clean as possible, both inside and out. Now is the time to ditch the awkward and dated stock images and fonts that were on-trend a few years ago.

While you don’t want your site to look like everyone else’s, you can employ updated design elements and tailor them to your needs and taste.

How Fast Does Your Website Load?

People are busy, including your ideal client. If your site is slow to load on desktop or mobile devices, chances are your prospects will lose patience and move on to another site.

Set aside some time and test your site from every browser: Firefox, Explorer, Chrome, and Edge. Take note of how quickly the site will load. Slow loading times across all browsers could mean the site is bogged down with too many images or images that have not been compressed for website use. it takes only a few minutes to compress images and re-load them onto the affected pages.

Search engines also tend to favor websites that load quickly and easily, so it’s doubly important to check the load times of your site often, especially if your clients have pointed out the slow loading times or difficulty accessing pages.

How Up To Date Are The Links?

Linking to other internal and external pages on your site is a great way to increase your SEO and to be “found” in organic searches. Check links on a monthly basis, and deactivate any broken or dead links. Remove any outdated pages or menu items. After all, if its September and you still have that sign-up page for your July launch, it’s time for some digital housekeeping.

Is Your Website Mobile-friendly?

Your website may look beautiful when viewed on a desktop, but how does it look on a laptop, mobile phone, or tablet? Make sure your site is viewable and accessible across all devices. This is especially important since most people spend more time on their mobile devices than their desktops.

Does Your Website Reflect Your Brand?

If your website still has the brightly colored palette from the early days of your business while you’ve graduated to more muted tones, your website could use a refresh. Each of your visual assets should consistently reflect your brand: colors, logo, fonts, and images.

Does The Page Copy Reflect Your Voice?

If your social channels accurately reflect your voice, but your site’s About Me page greets readers with “Hey Awesome People!!” it’s time for a website copy makeover. Each of your business assets should consistently reflect your unique voice. It’s what helps you stand apart from your competitors.

Do Your Webpages Have a Clear Call To Action?

Prospective clients need to know how to reach you. Make it easy for them by having a scheduling link under a “Let’s Chat!” button or “Contact Me” button. Regardless of the language, your call to action should be clear and concise.Make it easy for prospects to move on to the next step.

Your website is your digital storefront. A website that is dated, slow to load, has broken links, and outdated information will do you no favors and may cost you clients. You want a digital storefront that is current, reflective of your brand, and responsive to client input. The last thing you need is a dusty, outdated digital storefront.

Digital Housekeeping Made Easy

By setting aside a few hours to refresh your website, you can take your website from dated and tired to refreshed and ready to connect with new clients. Website platforms such as WordPress and Squarespace feature drag-and-drop page builders and visual editors. These features make DIY websites look polished and cohesive. Even better, they don’t require any coding skill.

Doing a full website refresh can take time, and we understand if it’s not your thing. We have website specialists who can work with you to update or create a website that reflects you. From layout to images, to page copy, to branding,  we have you covered. Contact us to find out more, and get started on your beautiful updated site today.