link-worthy So, do you really have a link-worthy website? You might think that you do, but the truth is that it is a bit trickier than you might believe it to be… There are quite a few aspects that you need to consistently improve to have a top notch site!

Now, in order to have a website that is truly link-worthy it needs to be informative, accurate and definitely reliable. In a nutshell, it needs to be quality content for your readers. Then, the content must be promoted through the proper marketing channels like social media networks, email marketing, videos and more…

Your website should be up-to-date with the latest technology, by especially having a mobile friendly version. Most people are on their phones 24/7 from a professional to personal use. So, having a clear, neat and pleasing view is very important.

Your design needs to look the part as well. It should be modern in this very competitive online world. Having an old fashioned look from the 90s will be a turn off to new visitors, particularly the younger generation. There are so many different formats and themes available to choose from that it will blow your mind away.

Lastly, always engage your target audience. You want your website to be the one-stop place for anyone who needs information on your niche market. Always speak directly to your audience in terms of the look and feel of the site.

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