Do you want to attract more potential clients? Hosting a webinar could help. We can help prepare you to host a webinar and educate potential clients about you, your services and how you can help. Just make sure to provide plenty of value and information but don’t forget the upsell at the end. Write the webinar with the goal in mind (the upsell!) to help drive more business.

Are you unsure whether a webinar is right for you? Or, maybe you aren’t familiar with webinars at all? Here are a few reasons you should consider hosting a webinar:

1. Hosting a webinar is a great way to introduce your business and start building your brand name. Your audience can put a face with your name as well as interact with you (and each other). This builds credibility and creates a connection between attendees and presenters.

2. This is your chance to take the spotlight and show off your expertise. In an over saturated market, standing out from the competition is extremely important. Hosting webinars will allow a you to show that you are the “go-to” person or business in your industry.

3. Webinars are the perfect platform to sell and promote your products, such as books and videos. At the end of the webinar, your audience can be directed to a purchase page, link, or be given more information on how they can obtain your product(s).

4.  Hosting webinars provides your clients and potential clients with an added value.  Having a competitive advantage over others in your industry will set you apart. Video conferencing empowers your business by giving you the ability to maintain a global presence. It gives you a greater market reach & the sky is the limit!

5. Make money. (YES!) When you’re speaking about a hot topic, you can charge people to attend or even offer recorded downloads to be purchased. Hosting an online webinar is also great opportunity gathering new leads. During sign-up, you can make it a requirement for attendees to register, then you can follow up with them about future events and newsletters and hopefully they will become another one of your awesome customers!

Another exciting thing, is that our experienced team at NS Virtual Services will handle all of the steps involved in setting your webinars up for you, from beginning to end (and after that — there are always follow-up tasks, too)!

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