networkingThere are various forms of networking such as in-person and virtually. No matter which form you choose, it can only benefit your business by helping to grow you email marketing list, gaining potential customers, or even by collaborating or partnering with other small business owners.

Now, if you attend an in-person seminar, it could be held by an organization (professional or a community service type), a networking group, a cocktail mixer, etc. No matter what type of a venue it is, it can bring you to professional leads, as long as you have your business cards handy that is… You can even offer your business services, if it will be helpful to others. That is a way to make people remember you.

As for online, you have social media groups that are on Facebook (FB) and LinkedIn. You can join them and connect with other like-minded individuals. Get their attention by sharing intriguing posts and personalizing messages directly to them. You also have the option of hosting or attending a webinar. There you can learn new and exciting information, while asking questions too.

Then, there are some options that actually combine both in-person and virtual networking opportunities. There you can get the best of both worlds! Some of those options are free, while others you have to pay to be a member. You can use their forums or message boards, while planning to meet specific individuals in-person, after having viewed details on their profiles to see if you would be a good match.

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