Meetup can be an amazing way to help grow your business to the next level. Whether it is in person or virtually. 

Form Connections:

Join Meetup groups and meet members. Don’t pitch immediately, instead get a feel for the group, its interests, and offer free and valuable information. They’ll be drawn to know what other knowledge you have in store for them. As a plus, they will most likely spread the word about what you know and what you are doing.

Activate Your Social Media Presence:

Set up social media like a Facebook Group, Twitter account, or Instagram. This is another way to have your members keep in touch and get updates about upcoming events. 

Build an Email List

Meetup is full of future subscribers. Encourage members to join your list, then send out notifications of new events to all members. Members can also download the Meetup app on their smartphones, so they don’t miss notifications.

Freebies! – Give Out Free Information & Samples to Meetup Groups:

Everybody loves free stuff! So during the events, make sure as the organizer you pass along some freebies to other members. You can then simply include your company’s contact information for each of the giveaways, so members can easily reach out to you. 

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