EbooksAn Ebook allows you to be in an expert position with your company, no matter what stage you are in with your business. It definitely takes you to the next level of success! You are able to provide guidance to your ideal client with your written words. It can explain your business mission and values on an entirely different platform. It’s a way for your audience to know that you have a serious commitment to your products/services. 

Now, there are various ways you can help to promote your book and they include… 

  • Put the ebook title and hyperlink the URL into the email settings page of your email signature.
  • Make a postcard with the ebook title on the front and the URL and a brief overview of the ebook on the back. Offer the postcard to customers, at tradeshows and other venues.
  • Share on all your social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. Then, encourage your employees to do the same on their profile. 
  • Share with your partners, customers, the media (magazine editors or bloggers), and analysts.
  • You should create blog posts, a landing page, or a microsite as a place to point people.
  • Consider using search engine optimization (SEO.) You can make the title of your blog post an important search term other than the ebook title as a way to do SEO.

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