Twitter storiesAfter Instagram had successfully grown their stories, then Facebook added them to their platform. That’s probably what helped inspire Twitter to go next. Yes, you heard it correctly, Twitter stories! (Still no edit button though, go figure?) 

Now, Twitter’s purpose is to serve the public conversation. It’s where you go to see what’s happening and talk about it. However, some people say that Tweeting is uncomfortable because it feels so public and permanent. There’s a lot of pressure to rack up Retweets and Likes. That’s why, unfortunately, there are so many Tweets left in draft form. Hence, the need for stories, or they are better known as Fleets. 

Now, the feature options are pretty basic and they include…

Text fleets – Your basic Fleet is text on a colored background, with a range of color options for both

Share tweets – Fleets provide a new way to share individual tweets, which also appear on a colored background

Video or Photo – You can also post a video clip or a photo to your Fleet

Since, users want them to disappear within 24 hours, they most likely won’t be adding a highlight section to profile pages. 

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