Website Trafficking Website trafficking is extremely important in order to increase site stats, and then that can cause an increase in your sales. There are a lot of methods that you should follow, in order for your site to be visited on a daily basis such as have guest posts, share posts on forums, have good copy-writing and SEO, be sure to have the proper plugins installed, and so much more…

However, what are the tips or methods that you should avoid, so you do not decrease website traffic to your business? Well, let’s take a closer look to find out…

  1. You should avoid having a lot of written content without a visual of images or videos. (The use of live videos is important.)
  2. Avoid being the only author on your website’s blog. (Sometimes having influential bloggers on your page can go a long way.)
  3. Avoid your SEO coming up orange, always aim for green. (This will increase your keywords popping up within search engines.)
  4. Avoid repeating the same content over and over again. (Try to keep it intriguing.)
  5. Try not to extend your blog content over 1,000 words. (It deters people from continuing to read the article.)

Think about those particular don’ts… If you did not pay attention to those tips, it would definitely decrease your website following. Sometimes something so simple can make all the difference to being noticed and not being noticed.

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