launching Launching your own business can be very stressful. There are a million questions that you might be asking yourself

1 What problem am I solving? 

If you can’t answer that, then stop and go back to the drawing board. It is important that your product or service will solve some sort of need because determines value. 

2 What funds do I absolutely need to start? 

Think about what you really need to buy to start, not what you would like to have in the bank. Your number to get started might be smaller than you think.

3 Who else is doing this?

You can’t play the game if you don’t know the players. Do a simple Google search to see who else out there is doing what you’re doing. You need to see what the competition looks like in order to decide if you can offer something better.

4 What’s special about your product or service?

It is the quality that makes your company stands out from the rest. Your own special sauce can come from a lot of different areas like where it’s made, the unique quality of the product, how it’s made, competitive pricing, a charitable component or your stellar customer service.

5 What resources do I currently have to get started? 

Make a list of everything you have that can help you such as people you know, finances, skills, etc. You’ll be surprised how resourceful you can be even when you feel limited.

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