videos You need visuals to captivate your audience. They need to look crystal clear and have a professional overtone. Having an amateur look may deter your audience from following you on social media networks. Therefore, you won’t become an influencer, you won’t be noticed, and forget about making an impact.

You want to attract your ideal clients with the videos you are releasing. You want each slide to not only have a point, but also never ever be blurry. Sometimes using actual professional pictures in your video will make all the difference in the world!

So, with all of the above in mind, consider the following when you are creating:

1 Do you want hard or soft lighting used?
2 If you are recording indoors, make sure to have a solid background.
3 Make sure your audio is crystal clear as well as the images.
4 You can use your phone to record a video, but make sure you have a tripod in order to hold the camera in one place without any shaking occurring. (It’s not easy for an audience to watch shaking people or surroundings.)
5 Take photo shots from various different angles such as a close-up or even a distant shot.
6 If you are definitely going to be present in your videos, make sure to look the part.
7 Make sure you have a good editing program for final touchups.
8 Be sure to plan your content well in advance.

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