Many business owners build a website and then, it falls in oblivion. The website is nothing more than a brochure that people view online after seeing the URL on a business card or in a publicity. It is sad, because if they are designed correctly, websites can do a lot for you, bringing in business leads 24/7.

If you didn’t know that, there is a good chance you might need a new website. If you’re still undecided whether or not you need a new website, take a look at the following.

* Your Website Is Tiresome and Unpleasant – Take a look at your website and look at it as if you’re the person you want to reach. What do you feel when you see it? If you are bored, it is probable your audience is too. When a website is designed, it should be created with the audience in mind. If it’s not, your visitors won’t be impressed.

* The Market You Target Have Changed – After years of doing business, due to new target audience, it is possible that the focus of the business changes – whether due to a real change in products and services or due to a better comprehension of target markets. If your business has been through this kind of transformation, it is important to consider a new website design.

* Your Website Content Lacks Proper Focus – While not requiring a complete remake in the design, if your content isn’t focused on your audience and written with them in mind, then you’ll need a total makeover of what’s on your site.

* Availability Of New Technologies – Is your newsletter, shopping cart, blogging or content management system outdated? If it’s been a few years since you bring up to date the technology you use then it is likely time to consider updating it.

* Your Search Engine Ranking Is Falling – Obsolete technology isn’t good at keeping up with modern search engine technology. Plus, if your website looks overaged to visitors, they’ll leave and won’t come back.

* Your Website Is Not Mobile Friendly – More people are using mobile technology to go on the web than ever before. Actually, mobile technology is outselling personal computers. If your audience member clicks through to your site and cannot read it, you won’t see them again.

* Your Site Is Not Interactive Enough – A new website that has interactivity is expected today. The capability to share on social media, make comments, and engage with the audience is crucial. If your website lacks that possibility, it’s urgent that you update your website right away.

* You Want to Ramp Up Your Design – You are ready for a refreshed website with a new look that gets your visitors attention in a way that makes it simple to deliver want you them to know.

Sometimes you just need a new website because you want one, but other times you need a new website design because yours is just outdated and no longer serves your audience. Let’s get started! For more information, contact us HERE and connect with us on FACEBOOK and TWITTER.