time management Do you want to build a very successful business as an entrepreneur? Do you want to make it a well-known brand? If your answer is yes, it takes a lot of determination and time management. There are actually three Ps to fulfill successful time management properly. They include planning, prioritizing, and performing.   

Let’s take a closer look at each P individually… 

Planning: There is an old expression that says, By failing to plan, you are planning to fail. (It is a cliche, but very true.) If you do not plan, you won’t know everything you need to do to make a project successful. You might be inadequately prepared, face unexpected problems, deadlines could be missed and your reputation could be at stake, or you are left feeling overwhelmed, unorganized and stressed.

Prioritize: If you could choose one thing on the list, which would be the most important? Which tasks would give the most return on my investment of time? After identifying the most important task, you look for the second most important, taking into account, time allocation for each and planning, what activity needs to be done.

Perform: Once you have planned and prioritized, then you must perform! This means that you have to concentrate on one task until it’s complete. You must implement everything, and you have to complete it with no distractions or diversions. 

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