marketingMarketing is essential in order to have success, but it won’t happen overnight. So, is testing in the cards for you and your content? Do you want to have an idea on how to connect better with your audience?  It’s time to see results!!! 

When launching a new campaign, you should first conduct a small-scale launch (like beta testing) or other customer research in a test market. The purpose of this type of test marketing is to gauge how products or services will be received on a wider scale. 

Test marketing helps ensure your product and strategy are completely sound. It can also provide you with valuable information on client/customer response, marketing channels, and distribution issues. 

With the results from your test market in hand, you can move forward with confidence, or if necessary, refine your marketing strategy.  

Now, there are several forms of testing that include:  

  • working with a small group of customers who provide direct product feedback
  • conducting a regional product launch prior to a full launch 
  • using a targeted direct marketing program to evaluate advertising strategies
  • conducting an Internet test 

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