TeleseminarEntrepreneurs are people who organize and operate a business or even multiple businesses. They like sharing their knowledge and expertise with other like-minded individuals. They can collaborate on projects, network with new connections, and so much more… Sharing information via teleconsultations are the most convenient ways to make this happen. Instant Teleseminar can assist in making it a fantastic live event!

Now, Instant Teleseminar makes everything super-easy and offers a variety of different features that include:

Display Slides: Record your slide conversation and display a replay when your event is over.

Display Pre-Recorded Video: Share your video, pause it, and then discuss at length.

Call to Action Button: Display a dynamic button that appears at a specific time, in order to send people to your order form.

Pin Less Dial-In Option: All service plans include the option to create one or more dedicated pin less numbers. This allows attendees to easily dial into your live or recorded event.

Instant Replay by Phone and Web: Create unlimited recordings and display replays, then turn your recordings on or off whenever you want. Plus as a bonus, you can have them automatically expire on a specific date and time.

Autopilot Automated Events: Broadcast a recording over the phone lines and live webcast, so it has appearances of a live event.

So, if you are a coach, professional speaker, or marketer this can be the program for you. However, will you need some extra assistance with scheduling, preparing, and launching? If yes, then please feel free to contact us by clicking right HERE. We have the best techie virtual assistant that can make arranging your event as simple as cutting a piece of cake. In the meantime, please feel free to like us on FACEBOOK, then go and follow us on TWITTER and INSTAGRAM.