social media The fact is that social media algorithms are constantly changing, so you definitely need to stay educated in it, in order to keep your company brand well known on all the major networks. So, how exactly do you stay educated in this ever changing field of marketing?

Well, there are many ways you can get an education on this particular topic, or you can simply become self taught. You can engage in the following ideas:

  1. Subscribe to and read various online magazine articles and blog posts.
  2. Listen to podcasts, so you can learn from experts.
  3. Join online forum and participate in conversations to expand your marketing knowledge.
  4. Sign up for a few online courses on Lynda.
  5. Become officially certified by taking a social media management exam. (Plus as an added bonus, most of these certifications don’t have to be renewed. Once you pass, then it’s yours permanently).
  6. Download and read popular e-books on the subject matter.
  7. Create your own blog, profile, group and page to practice upon.

Basically, the list is endless and there are quite a few ways to go about this. It will only benefit your company down the road. However, what about time restrictions? There could be management projects within your company that have to take top priority and that just might limit your ability to learn more… However, a marketing wizard might be just what the doctor ordered for your team!

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