social media Social media algorithms definitely affect your marketing and sales strategies, in positive and negative ways. Algorithms are consistently changing and that drastically affects businesses on a daily basis. So the questions at hand is… how do you go about combating this marketing problem?

Only share content that is helpful and relevant: Don’t post on social media just for the simple sake of posting. Unfollows and unlikes can come very quickly when your audience feels like your spamming and not informing them.

Encourage likes, comments, and shares: Suggest that your visitors tag a friend who would appreciate the post, or that they share the content with their network. Social media is about building a like-minded community, so it definitely takes time to engage them with comments, reactions, questions, and more… (Make sure you have fun with your audience!)

Have a hashtag strategy: Social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, use hashtags to categorize their content. In addition, Instagram now allows people to follow hashtags. So, if you do your homework properly and really take the time to educate yourself, then you can be a hashtag wizard!

Make absolutely sure that all of your website’s pages only use optimized images: This ensures a speedy page load when someone accesses them from social media. Page load times are among Google’s ranking factors, and slow loads can affect your SEO.

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