SMS If you are in the marketing industry, then you know it is all about testing phases. If you believe that SMS marketing may work for your target audience, then research and ask them if they’d like to get your information via SMS. It is a very convenient way to receive information.    

Now, businesses with a storefront like a restaurant, salon, bakery, bowling alley, coffee shop, food truck, or juice bar already have great success with this method. There are also non-business entities that use SMS such as politicians, churches, youth groups, charities, and nonprofits.  

SMS marketing can also be used creatively during events such as conferences, either online or offline. If everyone at the event gives their mobile numbers, then messages can be sent and shared at different points during the event to get attendees or those who signed up, but aren’t attending to act on calls to action.

However, how do you know if your business will succeed with SMS? One way to find out is to poll your audience on your social networks like Facebook. If you have customers already who are on your email lists, or who purchase from you, ask for the additional information of a mobile number, and of course, permission to send SMS messages. Then using that information, conduct simple tests to see what kind of results you get from the effort. Your audience might like receiving promotions, flash sales, and much more…  

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