marketingDid you know you can boost your business with smart marketing through social media? Social media is an excellent way to entertain, educate, inform, and engage with your followers and ideal clients. Smart social media is much more than posting on your business’s social channels. For your social media marketing to be successful, it’s essential to include these basic elements:

Establish Your Marketing Objective

What is the primary reason for your social media presence? Is it to publicize a course launch, reach your ideal client, scale your business, or all three? Knowing why you are leveraging social media marketing sets the stage for the rest of your strategy. As with anything else, your social media marketing strategy can change over time, but starting  with a clear objective in mind will help establish your social media presence.

Zero In On Your Target Audience

Understanding your target audience’s age, gender, industry, interests, and goals will help you formulate relevant content. Your audience will be more likely to engage with you and your business if your content speaks to them and offers something of value.

Content Is Everything

Content can be anything from social media updates, graphics, quotes, blog posts, and videos. You can post each piece of content across each of your business’s social media channels. Facebook algorithms favor long-form content accompanied by an image or graphic. Twitter is ideal for short updates with an attached image or link, while Instagram favors pictures and graphics in conjunction with text and hashtags.

One key strategy is to have content that is customizable for each platform for maximum visibility. Content created specifically for a given platform isn’t as likely to get buried in your follower’s feed

Getting Started With Social Media

First and foremost, you’ll need to set up business profiles across each of the platforms you plan to use. The process is the same as setting up your personal pages: images, user i.d., and passwords. You can either maintain the pages yourself or designate someone to be a page administrator or editor.

Learn The Basics Of Social Media

There are plenty of free resources on YouTube and courses from digital marketing leaders you can choose from. LinkedIn Learning also offers social media courses for beginners and is geared toward business owners.

Having a solid social media plan in place will provide the framework for a successful social media strategy. Social media is an excellent way to reach your ideal client, especially if the content aligns with their needs and goals. While social media is not a replacement for solid client relationships, referral networks, and an outstanding product or service, it can serve as an addition to your business plan.

If the thought of planning, creating, and scheduling your social media content sounds exhausting, we understand. We’ll match you with the perfect assistant (or team) that will help you formulate and execute your social media plan. We’re the experts getting you ahead without the overhead.

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