Short Attention Span MarketingSo, have you ever seen the acronyms TLTR posted on a blog post, in a forum, or a message board? If you do not know what it stands for it is, Too Long to Read. This is where short attention to details comes into play. They will require the use of short attention span marketing.

In this vast, digital world we live in, our concentration has actually become shorter than a goldfish. That might be hard to believe or even difficult to swallow, but that is what the research is actually showing. This is really not the best news for marketers. So, how does one convince people to inquire about your services or products?

Now in order to accomplish this, you will need to appeal to people who will skim read rather than read from cover to cover. They might not like to read a blog post that’s longer than 300 words or read a really long social media post. They might look for the main point rather than the extra bullet points. They might want to view picture quotes, info-graphics, hashtags, click on a link, look at videos, etc.

Also, be sure to tell a story that is extremely clear, concise, short, sweet and appeals to consumers desires. This type of message will get across to your audience very quickly and should help make an impression. Lastly, you will need to have the navigation of your website flow with ease.

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