digital storefrontAn eye-catching and user-friendly digital storefront that attracts and retains customers is a key component to a successful business. Brick and mortar retailers have shifted to online storefronts to augment their in-person sales, and small businesses have embraced digital storefronts to spare themselves the hassle and overhead of a physical location.

Whether you sell a digital product (courses, downloads, content) or a physical product, an online store that is user-friendly will help you attract and retain repeat customers.

At the very least. your digital storefront should have an About page, a sidebar linked to your business social media channels, and clear, high-quality photos on the homepage.

Easy to navigate

Each page should contain clear instructions. “Add to cart” and ‘Learn more” buttons give shoppers clear, concise instructions. Busy customers want an online shopping experience that is quick and efficient. Instructions on each page will give customers a clear roadmap as they shop on your site.

On-site search

A successful digital storefront has a user-friendly search bar on each page. Customers will return to online storefronts that are user-friendly, easy to navigate, and easy to search.

Payment options on each page

Nothing is worse for a customer than to reach the check-out page only to discover their payment method isn’t accepted by the site. Leave clear payment method instructions on each page “We happily accept PayPal, ACH transfer and Visa” will let customers know of your payment options in advance.

Safety and security

Customers need to know their information will be safe when they shop on your site. Utilize an SSL certificate for security and have your privacy policy on each page.

SSL certificates may be included with your hosting services, or purchased/installed separately. Ensure continued safety and security by renewing them when prompted by your hosting service or vendor.

While platforms such as WordPress come with available digital storefront plug-ins, other options such as Shopify and Square are available. They’re easy to set up, maintain, and update as your business grows and changes.