sales funnelWith any business today, especially for an online business, you will need a sales funnel. To explain it in its simplest form, it is the pathway website visitors take on their way to buying your product or service. Here are the steps you take in order to achieve sales.  

First, you start off with social media marketing, which is easily done on profiles, pages, and groups. To be more specific, this can include theses networks such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook Lives, Facebook Groups and Advertising. (As a special tip, always be sure to always be consistent with your times.) 

The second aspect is click funnels that have a two part fold to it. There is a landing page/opt-in page. This is the part where your potential client inputs their email address that will integrate with your CRM system. Then, there’s the thank you page of the click funnel, where your email automation system will send out your very first email newsletter, which should include a link to your freebie. 

Basically, this will help you to have the lead generation that you need. There will be stages a client goes through on this journey. They are awareness, interest, decision, and action. This can ultimately lead to new business opportunities for you that are referred to as conversions. This is how an effective sales funnel functions.    

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