resolutionsResolutions are very important, whether you are a startup or established company. They do matter and make a real difference. You might want to consider writing a list and even try the following suggestions:

1. Commit to Diversity: The best teams are composed of individuals with many different opinions and views. People with similar backgrounds tend to look at problems in the same way.
2. Give Back: Use the success of your business to bring good to the world. Plus, your team will benefit too! You can give back in a couple of ways such as your  time and money.
3. Be more Flexible: In an increasingly connected world, a good portion of your work can be done anywhere and at anytime. Employees know this intuitively, so it’s important to be flexible with your teams.
4. Provide Experiences, not just Benefits: Aim to schedule a regular series of offsite get-togethers throughout the year to bring teams together, including remote employees, and provide ways for people to connect (even via tele-consults) and create long term, work relationships.
5. Listen First, Then Act: If employees voice concerns or share ideas, it’s very important that you demonstrate with concrete action that you are following up on their concerns. Even small gestures like a message over Slack or a quick email follow-up can go a long way.

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