maintenance for websitesA website is similar to a car… If you don’t take care of it, then it will stop running. It needs to have maintenance completed pretty frequently in order to work well. Otherwise, what’s the point in investing in it? Maintenance for websites are definitely a must… 

Well, there are certain things you can do to make sure your site is in working order such as…

1 Check Your Plugins: If you have WordPress you need to login to your Dashboard and check on your plugins on a weekly basis. If they are not updated, it will slow down the speed of your website. That is not what visitors want. They will move on quickly if things are loading. 

2 Check for Broken Links: Broken links create frustrated visitors, but a much larger problem is that they can harm your organic ranking. This is because the search engine bots can’t find the pages that are supposed to be there. When this occurs often, they’ll devalue your site altogether.

3 Check your website on multiple devices: As web browsers and plugins are updated, they sometimes cause websites to display incorrectly. So,  invest some time in reviewing website pages on a few different devices such as laptop, tablet, and phone.

4 Update contact info: If your clients or customers can’t reach out to you, they won’t trust you. Phone numbers, mailing addresses, links to social media profiles all need to be updated regularly. 

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