Managing a growing onlineTeam business also means knowing when to add to your team. Hiring team members to help with the increased workload means your customers and clients will continue to have the level of service they’re used to. Adding a team member also allows you to take on projects you’d otherwise have to decline. If this is your first time expanding your team, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Get Clear On Your Business Needs

If this is your first time expanding your team, posting a job opportunity online with “Not sure what I need help with, but…” won’t net you the candidates you’re looking for. Instead, take some time to figure out areas where you can outsource the work to a teammate. Start with the tasks or projects you’d rather not spend time on.

By taking some time to clarify the projects and tasks you’re willing to delegate, your team members will know exactly how to be of help, and which tasks and projects to focus on.

Where To Find The Best Team Members

Check with colleagues to see if they know of anyone they’ve worked with in the past who would be a good fit for your team. Networking sites such as LinkedIn are also an excellent tool for locating the best talent. You can filter profiles by location, field, and other variables to narrow your search even further.

If you belong to a Facebook group in your industry, create a job opportunity post, stating the duration and nature of your project, the skills required, experience level, details of the project, and preferred time zone. Next, indicate how you’d like candidates to contact you. If you are looking for an independent contractor, avoid terms such as “hours” “salary.” The IRS (for US-based projects) offers tips on how to avoid misclassifying personnel.

Short-term project or ongoing engagement?

Is your project a one-off project, or a long-term engagement? Be sure to specify which when interacting with candidates, so they in turn can decide if it’s the right fit for them. Be clear about the scope and nature of the project; transparency helps to build goodwill and trust between you and your candidates.

The Right Person For The Right Task

In creating your team, place the right person in the right role. If someone is an outstanding copywriter who prefers to stay behind the scenes, please don’t expect them to shift roles and do influencer outreach/management or lead generation. By having the right person in the right role, you not only ensure the success of your project, but your teammate’s success as well. Setting teammates up for success creates loyalty for future projects, and demonstrates your willingness to lead effectively.

Test or No Test?

Personality tests such as the Myers-Briggs Inventory and Ennegram have become popular when hiring remote teams. Unfortunately, the results can unfairly disqualify otherwise qualified team members. For example, the candidate whose traits appear opposite of what you’re looking for may be just the person you need for the job you have in mind.

Instead, schedule a Zoom interview with the candidates whose qualifications/portfolio look like they’d be a good fit for your team. By not excluding potential team members based on the score of a personality test, you could find the perfect addition to your team.

As your business grows, adding to your team makes good sense in the long run. By getting clear on your business needs,and finding and identifying your ideal teammates, you’ll continue to enjoy steady business growth and a variety of client projects.