womenWomen love to shop! It doesn’t matter if it’s in stores or online. However, there is a major difference in generational shopping for women. So, let’s take a closer look at Millennials’ habits versus Baby Boomers… 

Most Millennial women feel that spending money on experiences is what makes them the happiest. Spending on fun activities like theaters, gym memberships, global travel, and dining out all speak of having fuller, more enriching, life experiences.

Wheres, Baby Boomers spend more on material items. They will make purchases such as a house, clothing attire and accessories, cosmetics and skincare, a brand new car, furniture, appliances, and more… 

Now, younger individuals are not just looking to purchase experiences, but also looking at the buying experience with a brand. They want brands to speak to them on a personal level, enhancing the overall buying experience.

This is what’s seen on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Storytelling as a marketing strategy, is extremely hot now, and good stories help women consumers decide if they like, trust, and want to do business with a brand. A story can set the stage for a relationship that can last for years. 

Then, Boomers tend to use Pinterest as their main social media platform to get consumer ideas. (They do use LinkedIn as well, but not so much for shopping.) Boards are filled with different options for them to explore and read up on. 

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