opinionSharing your opinion with others can be effective. You can connect to your audience in a whole new way. Therefore, creating trust and a tribe along the way. However, there are pros and cons to sharing your opinion. Your opinion might turn off your audience instead of opening them up to more possibilities.

Now, in order to go about this with some ease, you have to think about embracing differences. This is a way to share your ideas without alienating others. 

Start by sharing your idea, but also state that you feel everyone has a right to their own views and opinions. The pro to doing this is that you both get to share your closely held opinion, and allow others to have theirs. The con to doing this is that if your opinion is super controversial, you may still lose clients.

You might not realize how much your audience’s perception of you matters. If you’re going to share a deeply held personal belief, it will affect your customers’ perception of you and might make them want to take their business elsewhere. Alternatively, they might respect you more than ever. This is why knowing your audience is essential. 

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