Native advertising is a good way to market your business to potential new clients, especially with social media marketing. There are so many different ways to accomplish this from actual ads to free lead generation. Consider using Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. However, like any form of marketing, there are pros and cons. 

So, let’s take a much closer look at all of these points to see if it’s worth putting into action… 


  1. Measure: you have to see if your efforts are working by organizing the data into a spreadsheet 
  2. Time and Labor: your time and energy, or your staff’s time versus scheduling in advance 
  3. Deception: Consumers should only be exposed to online advertisements that are fair, clear, and engaging. Unfortunately, native advertising has the potential to be too discrete.


  1. Custom content (branded native and branded content) is more trustworthy than traditional advertising. It leaves a lasting impression. 
  2. Interesting content is engaged with more comments and personal messages. 
  3. Native display ads receive a higher click-through-rate (CTR) than typical display ads, which can only help with sales. 
  4. Native advertising drives Millennials to make purchases since this is their arena! 

Basically, at a glance, you can see native advertising may have certain drawbacks, but in the end, it has many more benefits. It is definitely worth it for service or program advertising. Advertisers aren’t ready to throw in the towel just yet. 

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