Multi-Channel Marketing Multi-channel marketing consists of many different outlets, networks, and promotions including word-of-mouth, print advertising, direct marketing, broadcasting, social media marketing, email marketing, and much more…

It’s almost like throwing out a dozen darts at the board at once, and seeing which one will hit that exact center target – while the others surrounding the center can help to support the main goal and allow it to grow further.

Of course, having various marketing concepts can have its pros and cons…

Now, the Pros could include:

  1. Increased Awareness: This can involve all the generations such as Baby Boomer, Gen X, and Millennials.
  2. Consistent Messaging: Having constant messaging means that there will be less missed advertising.
  3. More Data: You have the opportunity to advertise all the unique aspects of your product or service to your customers and clients.

Then, the Cons could include:

  1. Time and Resources: How much of your team’s energy are you going to expense into this diverse marketing verses what you actually anticipated on doing???
  2. Lack of a Specific Strategy: Since, you are aiming at various targets you probably don’t have a specific strategy. For example, if you choose social media marketing, then you would be handling online marketing only, which might give you a better demographic to target.
  3. Credit and Attribution within a Company: Lastly, which department will receive the actual credit/recognition for increased sales? What report can you follow in order to duplicate the best results again?

In the end, this might even make you consider Omni-channeling instead of Multi-channeling marketing. So, do you need an a multi-talented marketing expert?   Then please feel free to contact us right HERE. We can provide you with an expert marketer that can assist with making your marketing strategy stronger. In the meantime, please feel free to like us on FACEBOOK, then go and follow us on TWITTER.