event planning So, it is the time of year for event planning! You might be planning a party, a webinar, a virtual conference, fundraiser, or even all of the above. Whatever the event type or theme, you will need to promote it. The more people that become interested, RSVP and actually attend the event all the better!

Now, once the event details are completely planned out and are in the process of being executed, then comes time for the actual promotion! So, what outlets do you choose? How exactly will you advertise your event planning? These are the questions you have to ask yourself because there are so many more options than just writing out and mailing invites.

There is social media marketing, email marketing with MailChimp, sharing a video on YouTube, develop a website with a lot of widgets, blogging, using EventBrite, sending out messages to your network on LinkedIn, etc. Basically, go with all of the above and beyond!

You might want to start by creating a website on WordPress, Weebly or WiX, along with blogging and testimonies of your work. Then, start promoting posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and YouTube. On FB you can utilize FB Live, ADs, create an event, and post to various groups (you can do similar things on Google+ as well). Be sure to use all the hashtags available, have clear quality pictures, make a custom cover image for all your social media accounts, and don’t forget to tag people.

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