projectProject management takes a lot of planning and follow-through. The success of your business rides on your ability to plan, execute and wrap up projects or launches. After all, your clients are counting on you to deliver products or results that will exceed their expectations.

Project management is a multi-faceted process with many moving parts. Are any of these factors interfering with the success of your project or course launch?

  1. Not Choosing the Right Project Management System: Whether it is old school like Excel or Notebooks, or a newer online cloud based system like Asana, Trello, or Basecamp, you need to choose the best one for your needs and goals. Is the platform easy to learn and user-friendly? Is it easy to add team members and tasks? If a platform doesn’t meet those needs, chances are your project or launch will suffer.
  2. Underestimating the Time Commitment Involved: Carefully review each milestone, task and deadline. Are they realistic? Did you allow for unforeseen delays or hiccups along the way? Underestimating the time commitment involved from start to finish can negatively impact the final product.
  3. Not Outsourcing the Right Things to the Right People: Choosing the right team member for a specific task or project is crucial. They’re more likely to be working within their scope of expertise, and will be more engaged with the work at hand.  Make sure your team members shine by assigning them tasks that play to their strengths and interests.
  4. Forgetting to Get Customer Feedback: Customer/client feedback is essential to the ongoing success of current courses or projects  and for future projects. Take customer feedback seriously. Visit your business social media pages and scan the comments for feedback. Respond quickly and sincerely to each comment. Resolve to change aspects of your product or course that were a flop with most of the participants. Send feedback surveys at the conclusion of your project or launch  and address any weak areas identified by clients or customers.
  5. Forgetting the Importance of Communication: If you’re swamped, assign a point person whose key role is to maintain internal and external communication channels. This person should be able to respond promptly to questions and concerns, and should be equipped to resolve minor issues on their own. They should be well-versed in delegating the appropriate tasks to team members and trouble-shooting any issues that may pop up.

Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? If the prospect of overseeing a large project or course launch seems daunting (and exhausting), contact us  HERE. We have project management specialists who thrive on project, launch, and team management.  In the meantime, please feel free to like us on FACEBOOK, and follow us on  TWITTER.