Press releases provide so many benefits to giving your company the exposure it really needs. Visibility is the main key to become well-known for your field of expertise.    

They are definitely worth the time for various reasons which include… 

Grabs attention: It comes into the picture by sending it directly to journalists. You’re showcasing your professionalism and being proactive. Just make sure your story is relevant to the beat (topic) the journalist covers. You can find out more about a journalist’s stories and interests through online searches. 

Builds search engine traffic: SEO stands for search engine optimization, the art, and science of helping the search engines find, match, index, and rank your content. Today’s releases are tagged with keywords, and if those keywords are well-chosen, they can help your release rank. 

Reaches thousands: Although direct blogger and webmaster outreach is still part of many marketing communications strategies, the only way to reach the thousands of journalists online is by using a tool that deploys press releases. Press releases sent out using professional release websites can reach many more journalists and news outlets today than ever before…  

Adds visual interest: Press releases today can be accompanied by infographics, pictures, and other visual aids that help tell the story. This adds interest and provides even more reasons for journalists to pick and run a press release. 

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