press release

Photo: Adelou Eletu, Unsplash

One would think press releases are now obsolete in the age of social media, but a press release is an excellent way to spread the word about your business.

By sharing key business milestones with the press, you’ll be reaching a wider audience and generating even more interest.

Here are some great reasons to generate press releases:

Grabs attention: A well-crafted press releases generates interest in your topic and will be more likely to be distributed to news outlets.

Builds search engine traffic: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, the art, and science of helping the search engines find, match, index, and rank your content. Today’s releases are tagged with keywords. If the keywords are popular, the more likely your press release is to earn a high ranking with search engines.

Reaches thousands: Although social media and direct industry outreach are still part of current marketing tactics, the only way to reach the thousands of journalists online is by using a tool that deploys press releases. Press releases sent out using professional release websites such as PR Web can reach many more journalists and news outlets.

Adds visual interest: Use visual elements such as charts and infographics to add interest. Unlike press releases of days past, visual elements are a key component of today’s press releases.

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