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Joint Ventures are two words that you may have heard but never considered. Joint Ventures and their partnerships are the forms of content marketing that can dramatically improve your visibility by the effective and actionable content you can start creating today.


Let’s start: So what is a “Joint Venture”?

Joint Ventures are partnerships that can be either short or long term relationships with colleagues in (and sometimes out) of your field of expertise. These partnerships are formed so that all parties:

  • Get exposure for their brand and business
  • Increase customer base and contact list
  • Promotion for an event, product or service
  • Opportunities for increased revenue streams by cross promotion

Cross promotion has it’s very true and real benefits!

Joint Venture partnerships build verifiable, real trust. High value, well-known partnerships attract customers and leads because it shows that you are partnering with an authority in that field that believes and backs you. Likewise, you will be supporting the growth of your own Joint Venture partner by backing them! When you are both high value, well-known authority figures in your field of expertise you have the formula for doubling your business and your contact lists.

Your combined experiences and information + exposure = GROWTH!

So… now you know what Joint Venture is…. but what next?

Start Small. Test It All.

When forming a Joint Venture partnership, don’t get ahead of yourself. If you don’t have someone to partner with, research those people in your field that you want to partner with and reach out to gauge interest. If you have someone that you are already partnered with, here are some great suggestions on first projects to partner on:

  • Co-Author an eBook
  • Create a free “Tips” or “How To” manual for those that opt in to your newsletter
  • Create a free and short half hour podcast that talks about a topic of mutual interest for all those that sign up for your next free teleclass

Once you work with your Joint Venture partner and get comfortable, moving on to larger projects such as tele-summits, online classes or even in-person events give you even more opportunity for success.

The Benefits of Blogging

Blogging is an excellent avenue for Joint Venture partners to grow their customer base and market their business. Promotion and cross promotion of your partner’s blog is beneficial because it draws in readers and increases your online presence. Easy ways to cross promote with blogging include guest posting on each other’s blog, sending out links to your partner’s blog post in your weekly newsletters and communications and having them do the same for you, and even co-authoring a blog post where you both give out your expertise! This means double the audience, double the visibility and optimizing the possibility of a signup or a sale.

Content is King, So Wear Your Crown

Content is the one necessity that a Joint Venture partnership needs to thrive.

Creating content means that both you and your partner are making the effort to reach for your maximum marketing potential. Content that is new and fresh containing reliable information verifies that you have the authority and know what you are talking about. When an audience sees that you can be trusted and that your methods work, they will go from becoming a prospect to becoming a customer. When you cross promote with your Joint Venture partner you double the chances that even more prospects will become part of your loyal business base.

ACTION ITEM: Remember that when you cross promote, you don’t have to choose just one partner.  Joint Venture partnerships are made to grow and expand. Network with your contacts on LinkedIn or others in your field that you know to be fantastic at what they do and then strike up a conversation about what you can do for each other.

Being a JV partner could be one of the best decisions you ever make!

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