marketing planDo you have a social media marketing plan? Have you ever thought about creating one, but you are not sure where to begin… Well, if you have various social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and more, then it is definitely time to get moving!

There are various aspects involved with developing a social media plan such as objectives, audience, foundation, admins/moderators, content (not only for postings, but possible a blog as well), evaluation and much more…

  1. Objectives: What is the number one reason for your social media presence?
  2. Audience: Who is your target market that you’re trying to appeal to? What is their age range, gender, and career industry?
  3. Foundation: Do you have to create or edit any profiles, pages or groups?
  4. Admins/Moderators: Who will be in charge of adding members to the group(s) and managing tabs on pages?
  5. Content: How do you plan to schedule your posts? What time of day? How often on each day? Are you natively posting or using a social media management system?
  6. Evaluation: How are you planning on monitoring your progress after a month?

Now, there are a lot of questions to consider when writing a plan up. However, these are all very valid questions to ponder about… You know what needs to be considered for your marketing plan to come together, but don’t forget about reach, engagement and insights as well. All of which, are important analytics to keep an eye on, in order to progress forward with future clientele.

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