digital Are you an entrepreneur, or are you a Mompreneur or Dadpreneur? If the answer is yes, then the next question is how digital are you?There are so many different softwares that need to be used when you’re running your own business, in order to ensure success. Of course, you don’t have to be a technology guru, but there are certain skills that you need to apply, so that your company and team can grow.

So, let’s review the top/essential softwares that you will need to consider using, when running your daily business operations:

  1. Google Drive: Get access to your files from anywhere through secure cloud storage, along with file backup for your photos, videos, documents, spreadsheets, slideshow presentations, and much more…
  2. GoToWebinar: Easily set up, present, and engage your audience. There is conference recording, HD video conferencing, full desktop sharing, screen and content sharing, etc.
  3. Zoom: It’s the leader in modern video communications because it has easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, chatting, and webinars. 
  4. WordPress: This is a free and open source blog posting tool and a content management system (CMS).
  5. Canva: This makes designing extremely simple for everyone. You can create designs for websites, social media networks, or print. The options include blog graphics, presentations, Facebook covers, flyers, posters, invitations, etc.

So now, that you see the necessary software you will need to get your operations off the ground, will you create your own accounts and get started, or do you need some extra assistance with the project? If so, then please feel free to contact us by clicking right HERE. We have the marketer that can make all of those accounts and help get you noticed by your target market! In the meantime, please feel free to like us on FACEBOOK, then go and follow us on TWITTER.