project managementProject management takes a lot of planning, doing, checking and acting upon. You want and need your end results to be successful on the first run. So therefore, you need an excellent team manager to ensure steady and smooth results.

However, you could encounter a few problems along the way such as…

  1. Not Choosing the Right Project Management System: Whether it is old fashioned like Excel or Notebooks, or a good online cloud based system like Basecamp you need to choose the best one for your particular project.
  2. Underestimating the Time Commitment Involved: Ensure successful completion of the project by starting backwards. First, create a hard deadline date, and work backwards to the current date by adding in extra tasks on specific days. Thus ensuring your success!
  3. Not Outsourcing the Right Things to the Right People: Be a good leader and manage the right tasks to the proper team members. That way, no one person becomes overwhelmed by doing to much at once.
  4. Forgetting to Get Customer Feedback: Feedback can help to keep you on the right track. If you want to keep moving forward take the comments from social media seriously. Even consider using marketing tools like SurveyMonkey to stay in touch with your customer base (aka your target market).
  5. Forgetting the Importance of Communication: Always be sure to have a contract in place and you need to not only communicate well with your team members, but with your clients as well.

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