When you create a business plan there are many different aspects to it. All of which are important. However, one particular point includes marketing efforts, which is essential to gain warm and hot leads. 

Now, the marketing portion of a business plan addresses how you will get people to buy your product or service in sufficient quantities to make your business profitable. 

Basically, it consists of… 

Market analysis or research, which assesses the market environment in which you compete, identifies your competitors and analyzes their strengths and weaknesses, and identifies and quantifies your target market.

Marketing strategy, which explains how you will differentiate your business from your competitors’ businesses and what approach you will take to get customers to buy from you.

Marketing and sales plans, which specify the nature and timing of promotional and other advertising activities that will support specific sales targets.

As a special note, marketing goals will help you to define what you want to achieve through your marketing activities. Your goals should be SMART! That stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based.

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