Email marketing presents tons of different opportunities for your brand to get creative with different types of campaigns. No matter what campaign company your brand uses, you can come up with different promotion ideas to appeal to your target audience. 

Here are a few suggestions that you can try out for yourself… 

Digital Coupons

If you want to encourage your target audience to actually make purchases, you could offer digital coupons that can be downloaded right from your phone, or even pulled up from other sites (via hyperlink) and used in-store if you have a boutique. You could even share some sporadically in between major holidays as well. 

Flash Sale 

The beauty of today’s media is the ability to share information in real-time. So, you can reward your subscribers by offering time-limited discounts over say a twelve, fifteen, or even twenty four hour period. 


You can alert your readers of a contest for a name, logo, or title change that is occurring on social media platforms. You can tell them the deadline date, and if the winner will win a cash prize or promo codes for your products or services. 

Charitable Newsletter  

You can also host giveaways or promotions that have a charitable twist. Say for every product sold you’ll donate 10% to a specific charity. For example, if you sell dog beds you could donate to a local shelter. 

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