MarketingAre you facing some challenges in gaining clients and visibility for your business? Your website is set up, your social media channels are live, but something is missing. Marketing your business is key to establishing yourself as the “go-to” person in your niche or industry. The good news is marketing your business doesn’t need to cost you a bundle. Here’s a look at some inexpensive, cost-effective ways to publicize your new business venture.

  1. Blog posts: If your website has a blog page attached, a once-weekly post is ideal. Think about the client problems you can solve, and that should inform your blog content each week. 300-800 words with 1-2 images is ideal. Platforms such as WordPress have built-in SEO tools, so you don’t have to be an SEO whiz to get your posts to show up in search engines.
  2. Social Media: Here is where knowing where your ideal client “hangs out” on social media comes in handy. Facebook? Instagram? Twitter? Focus on where your ideal client spends their time, and utilize that network to post content useful to them. Facebook is great for running groups and posting long-form content, whereas Instagram is perfect for more visually-driven content such as tips or quotes. The Reels feature allows you to create short videos, and the Stories feature is excellent for creating posts with multiple images and captions. LinkedIn is the go-to social channel for creating and maintaining business connections and relationships.
  3. Email Marketing: Newer email programs feature drag-and drop template builders that require no coding knowledge. Create a template, add images, and some useful tips each week, and you have an email newsletter that people will want to read. An email newsletter is also an excellent way to publicize upcoming events.
  4. Content Management Systems: Maintaining and updating your website is crucial to your marketing strategy. It’s very often one of the first marketing assets prospective clients will see. Get rid out dead links, expired pages, old images, and tired copy. Make sure your website is secure and has the most recent version of your country or province’s privacy notice. An up-to-date website not only gives clients a great preview of your product or services, but will also continue to show up in search results.

Sound like a lot? It can be if you’re already overwhelmed with the care and feeding of your business.  If you want to add a marketing-savvy member to your team, get started today by clicking right HERE. We have highly qualified specialists that can help! In the meantime, please feel free to like us on FACEBOOK, and follow us on TWITTER.