teamHow can you go about being a great manager, while at the same time maintaining respect from your team?

Here are a few tips…

1 Good Communication: Employees want to be kept in the loop about ongoing projects, goals, and deadlines, so it’s essential that you communicate well with them and inform them about goings-on within the organization.

2 Build Positive Working Relationships: It’s important to get to know members of your team individually. Not only on a professional level, but on a more personal level as well. When you put the effort in to get to know a bit more about how your colleagues are doing and what they are interested in, it will build a much better rapport among the team.

3 Acknowledge Good Work: Don’t be one of these bosses who only gives feedback when you’ve got something to criticise! By providing your staff with positive feedback it will help to build their confidence and encourage them to get more involved in the future.

4 Be Decisive: A good leader needs to be able to assert their authority and make important decisions for the team. It’s crucial that you stick to your guns and go with what you feel is best.

5 Delegate Jobs: It’s vital that you establish a relationship with your team and get to know them individually, so you can assess what their strengths really are. People perform better and are more engaged in roles where they feel they’re employing their best skills. So, delegating proper functions will have a significant impact on the productivity of the team.

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