You want your website to be shared, not only to spread awareness of your brand, but to increase your SEO. However, you want it to be simple for your audience. If they share your site, you want to make sure a nice image is generated for them. Otherwise, they’ll delete the post before it is even published on their profile.  

Now, there are certain things you can do to make your website easy to share… 

1 Optimize Images: For Facebook, your images should be simple and definitely mobile-friendly. Again, test images by posting them and look at the posts on a smartphone. Then, Pinterest is most useful for color and saturation. Images with red, dark green, and pink are most effective. 

2 Add Share Button: When choosing social share buttons, you need to consider which ones work best for your web design. You can either have an all-inclusive plugin, or you can also get buttons natively for each individual platform. For example, it’s a good idea to get the Pin It Button from Pinterest because it lives on top of the images on your site. 

3 Give Them a Reason to Come Back: It’s important to keep your content fresh for your clients. Check with a relevant publication to see how often you should be refreshing your written and visual content. Keep in mind, your daily competitors on social media within your industry. 

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