LinkedIn storiesWe all know that Instagram is Queen (or King) when it comes to stories (even though Snapchat was technically first in line), but what do you think about LinkedIn joining the bandwagon? Very surprising, right!? LinkedIn stories are still very new, as they are only out for a few months. Individuals who do tend to favor this particular platform are still adapting and learning to navigate them accordingly. 

LinkedIn Stories enable members and organizations (aka pages) to share images or short videos of everyday professional moments. Sharing Stories is an easy way to express your insights, build meaningful relationships within your community, and helps to increase brand awareness. 

Now, just like other stories, they only last for 24 hours and you can access them from your phone. However, they do not have the same features such as music, boomerang, feelings, emojis, GIFs, polls, questions, and more. They do have some stickers and you can mention (aka tag) people. The other major difference is there’s no way to highlight or feature, and there doesn’t seem to be an archive section in the settings. 

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