groups Social networks have profiles, which is a must to be involved on any social media platform. However, right now, we’re specifically discussing Facebook and LinkedIn. They both have pages and groups, and having a specific niche group is what you need, in order to gain loyal clients.

However, which social network is better for your particular business, Facebook or LinkedIn? Let’s examine the facts a little more closely, and figure it out…

So, Facebook has had some recent algorithm changes and groups have become the main focus, while pages have taken a bit of a back seat within the newsfeeds. They are consistently changing, which can be confusing, but they do offer more options in comparison to the other platforms. Now, if you enjoy moderating, creating unique events, developing files to share, and posting special content for your clientele to react to, then this is most definitely the way to go!

Now, LinkedIn is most definitely the more professional network, and has been much more stable with the services they offer. Since everyone is a professional within their industry, there are less rules and guidelines to follow as a group member. You also have more individual privacy because only your connections are able to directly message you, rather than just anyone on this platform. You can also connect with specific members that have similar educational backgrounds, location, and industry.

So as you can see, groups and pages bring engagements that you need for your business. Do you have a page or group that you need to publish? If yes, then please feel free to contact us, simply by clicking right HERE. We have amazing marketing, Virtual Assistants that can help you with your posting and much more… In the meantime, please feel free to like us on FACEBOOK, then go and follow us on TWITTER.