linkDo you really have a link-worthy website?

A link-worthy site needs to be informative, accurate and reliable. In a nutshell, it needs to have quality content for your readers. Actively promoting its content through social media, email marketing and other channels will entice your ideal customer to link back to your website.

Your website should be up-to-date with the latest technology, and that includes a mobile friendly version. Most people are on their phones 24/7 from a professional to personal use. Having a mobile-friendly site is essential. Customers may arrive at your site through a link clicked on one of your social channels while browsing on their mobile device, so having a mobile-friendly site is key to retaining those site visitors.

Having a fresh, current site design will encourage site visitors to stay on the site and explore the other pages and content. A site that is outdated and poorly maintained sends the message that no one is minding the site or your products/services. Links must be current and direct visitors to the right pages.

Lastly, always engage your target audience. You want your website to be the one-stop place for anyone who needs information on your products and services. Always speak directly to your audience in terms of the look and feel of the site. If your site is in bright pastels with youthful graphics, but your target audience connects with a more sophisticated look to their content, there is a mismatch that needs to be addressed.

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